3 Ways to Manifest what you want.

When you're flat broke and don't know where you're going to get the money to pay the bills…when the creditors keep calling…when you don't know if you're going to lose the roof over your head or the shirt on your back…you need to manifest money today.
But what can you do to go beyond your current level of wealth? You don't want to be late on your bills. You don't want to live paycheck to paycheck or be in debt to anyone. You don't want things to continue the way they are.
Maybe you've tried using the Law of Attraction to manifest money before. You used all the methods you hear about in “The Secret” – visualizationfeeling goodaffirmations

…but you still need to manifest money today.
So what can you do to manifest money today?
Here are 3 little known ways to manifest money today. I've used them. My friends and family have used them. They work.
1. Smell Money
I'm sure you've smelled money at some point in your life. It has a distinctive odor that you don't find elsewhere. But what does the smell of money have to do with manifesting wealth today?
Simple – smelling money puts you in vibrational alignment with money. It makes you at one with money and when you're at one with it, you manifest money fast.
When you smell money, you don't just smell it and do nothing, or think about how hokey it seems.
With the Law of Attraction, as soon as you ask for something it is yours. This means that the money you want is already yours. So when you smell the money, don't smell it to get money.
Smell money with the realization that you already have a lot of money. You aren't smelling it to manifest money today. You're smelling it because you already have manifested tremendous wealth.
2. Love Money
Everything responds to your feelings, even money. So often people feel frustrated, disappointed, sad and fearful about money. But money is about bliss, love and joy.
This simple exercise changes your feelings about money. It quickly shifts you from pushing money away to allowing it into your life. Instead of focusing on how much money you need, you change your vibration to one of allowing yourself to manifest money today.
All you have to do is make a list of why you love money.
“I love money because it helps me pay my bills.”
“I love money because it helps me travel the world.”
“I love money because it allows me to do so much good in the world.”
“I love money because it smells so good.”
“I love money because it's gorgeous.”
3. Think from Manifesting Money
You need to see yourself as having manifested money today. Your entire vision needs to be one of it having already happened. Forget about what you see going on in the world around you.
Feel that your life is expanding without being attached to the outcome.
Don't think about if you will manifest money today. Think from your desire.
Be confident and clear. Remain at a high vibration as the world remakes itself around you.
Debt moves out, wealth moves in.
Collectors stop calling, bills paid in full shows up.
Struggling to get by leaves, excess money arrives.
You can manifest money today.


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